Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let the work begin

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday I was out in the afternoon doing some weeding, and one of the major problem spots in the Brom garden.  The problem is, in this particular garden the wood-chip mulch is about a foot deep or more, which would normally be fine and deter the weeds... however, last year we got some tree loppers in the clean up some of the trees and bushes that we had because they were a mess and all full of Potato Vine, the trees got cleared away and mulched, and we kept it so that I could use it on the gardens... However, I wasn't there at the time so I didn't realise that they had chipped the PotatoVine... it is at this point that I think I should inform you all that blasted Potato Vine grows from cuttings, so I now had a big mulch pile full of cuttings, and promptly spread it all around the garden.

Now instead of just having potato vine in the front garden, I have it in EVERY SINGLE GARDEN! And it is promptly sending me nuts.  Anyways, Back to the broms.

Normally brom gardens are great because they need the thick mulch for the broms to grow in, which also suppresses weeds, however, now the mulch is growing copious ammounts of Potato Vine which is very difficult to pull out of big, spiky Bromeliads, so it's been one of those jobs that got put off, and put off.

But now that's IT, it's over, the garden is gonna get it.

So, shovel, rake and hoe in hand I attacked.

The garden also copped a beating from the storm when the gum-tree above dropped a couple of mammoth branches which brought down the shade cloth which I have only recently put up.

This is what the garden looked like yesterday just before I started, and I'll take some photos this afternoon before I do a bit more work, and then the same again tomorrow, and so on, so forth until the garden is under control!

I swear I shall get this garden looking nice, and under control.  I'm debating wether or not to remove all the mulch and replace it, or to just do another layer on top.

Also further down in the garden I'm really glad because everything is finally starting to fill up the gaps. I have a big heliconia that I want to move to a spot under the shade cloth, and the cannas that I placed in the garden are growing fairly well, but they'd probably be growing a million times better if that blasted vine wasn't in there.

An exciting discovery from yesterday was that I've had a Passion Fruit Vine pop up, and I guess sharing the Passion Fruit with the possums from the vine that was on the other side of the house has paid off, because that vine died several years ago, but now this one is here and it is growing great guns, and has HEAPS of new flowers, and subsequent fruits on it.  YAY!

This is one of the Cannas that are making themselves at home in the Brom Garden

Coel. Unknown is in flower once more

Side shot.  I do love the lip, and the flowers are comparatively huge.

Well, I'd best be off to my next class, byeeee

Happy Gardening,

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm BAAAAAAACK... again - Hylocereus

Hey Everyone,

Yes I do still exist... I think.  The world is being swept away in a tidal wave of lack of sleep, mountainous amounts of homework and assignments, which is all crammed in between the fleeting moments in the garden that keep me going, and my soul happy throughout the weeks when I stuck at school, a cement jungle, surrounded by jostling people, and the smell of smog and traffic... BLURGH! I long for the lazy afternoons in the sun, with my hands in the dirt, or the nights like tonight when it's raining and the frogs all around are serenading me to sleep.  It's this that makes me happy.

School has been ridiculously busy with heaps of assignments and homework and it is for this reason that I haven't been able to post for a month now.  I can honestly say that I've missed it terribly and I'm hoping to be able to get back into the swing of things.

At home everythings been busy, busy, busy.  There has sadly been deaths (the chooks), there's been snake bites at night, flooding water, falling trees and all manner of other nasty things.  But at the same time there's been wonderful things: new members of the family (new chooks), the promise of new life this weekend *fingers crossed*, as well and flowering plants, new discoveries and downright lovely weather... though I seem the be the only one that sees it that way - I'm starting to think I'm more plant than human: it rains which makes plants happy and everyone else (but me) sad, it makes me as happy as a lark.

Well, I'd best stop eluding to things, and tell you all about some happenings.  I'll of course be filling in the details over the next week or so, and then things will hopefully go back to the natural swing of things.  I may even try to devote a whole afternoon and night to writing blog posts so that if I don't have time one day then I can just post a pre-written one.  What do you think?

Anyways, one of my stories,

After the massive storm (Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald to be precise) we were cleaning up after one of the MASSIVE trees fell down and lo and behold my Hylocereus (Midnight Cactus) had buds on it and it was going to be the first time I'd ever seen one in really life.  Well, in the ensueing fortnight I would go out there every night and check to see if the flowers had opened or not.  It was my first time so my judgement on opening time wasn't very good.  Well, one afternoon I was walking past and I went weak at the knees because one of the flowers had opened, it was 2 metres off the ground so I quickly dashed to get the ladder, then after being eaten alive I hid in the house for several hours until the bloom had completely opened.  Then, camera in hand, I went out and inspected/photo-ed the living beejeesus out of that flower.  It was absolutely exquisite and amazing.  Now I shortlisted the photos and here they are.

I normally detest having my photo taken, but this time I allowed it, and beware, I do not have a tiny head, that is just one big-ass flower.

Now, I really must be off to bed, I've got school in the morning :(, but I'm learn-ed-ing stuff so then one day I might be able to work in heaven itself... though many of you know it as the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew ;-) .

Well, I'm off,

Happy Gardening Everyone,