Monday, March 17, 2014

Trying a new thing :)

Hey everyone,
I haven't posted in MOOOOONTHS and admittedly I've missed it like i never would have expected. Since I last posted all manner of things have happened, graduation, acceptance into uni, making new friends, visiting all manner of botanic gardens, forests and making hundreds of new discoveries... Including that my university has an owl post in one of their buildings that one of the lecturers per owls perches on from time to time. 

Well anyways, the blog posts may have stopped but the garden most certainly hasn't stopped growing, or more correctly, dieing. Sadly we've had one of the driest summers (our wet season) in years, with most of the state suffering a terrible drought. At the moment here at home the shade house is an oasis of green, with the plants inside and a fairy ring of grass surrounding it being the only green things in the whole yard. But hopefully the cool temperatures will being some unnatural rain... Oh the sweet delicious thought of rain...

Well, I'll conclude this post with a few photos and the promise to post more. I've just downloaded the blogger app for iPhone so hopefully this will allow me to blog on the busses in and out of uni and other such situations. 

Happy growing,