Monday, March 4, 2013

Shout-Out from the Shade House

The Brom area is coming along nicely.  The Potato vine has been removed, new mulch is being added (Best birthday present, thanks Sis) and I've even extended the garden a little bit in the corner... don't tell Mum and Dad ;)
Hey Everyone,
Despite school's best efforts to bury me in a pile or assignments, I've managed to scrape some time to write another post.

There has been a RIDICULOUS amount of rain this weekend, we've had some crazy flash flooding, but we are A-Okay, I'll try upload some photos of it all this week, the ducks absolutely loved the weather, but the chooks and quails were not amused.

However, another living being that has enjoyed this rain has been the orchids.  All this wonderful water, along with the time of the year has caused a HEAP of the orchids to come into spike at the moment.  A couple of which I haven't seen flower before.

My Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' is in flower once more

Epi. porpax is in flower too, this is the first time I've ever seen it flower, and I'm ecstatic.

It's a comparatively huge flower.

Phrag. Noirmont is still going strong

My little Den. schneiderae won 1st Place in the EDOS meeting for Australian Native Dendrobium.

And my Coel. Unknown has opened up another flower.  It's a gorgeous flower.  Coel.s have a soft spot in my heart because a Coel. was my first orchid to ever flower.

Well, off to Math B I go.

Happy Gardening,

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  1. Oh, such beautiful Orchids! How wonderful to have them growing an thriving in your garden! I'm glad you're OK and not flooded out.


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