Friday, June 28, 2013

*Insert Whizz-Bang-Snappy Title* (I promise this might be interesting ☺... I hope)

Oncidium Twinkle A photo from last years show, that I'm going to tomorrow
Hey Everyone,
Yeah, same old story, haven't been around for ages.... miss blogging so much... all schools fault for giving us assessment, and no doubt I should promise to blog more often..... buuuuut, we all know how truthful that's been in the past.... and a bit more yadee yadee yuduh....

Well, anyways, I'm finally on holidays again, I acctually have been for the past week, but I've been flat out with getting the garden back under control, and attempting to get my social life back in tact... or at least I think that's what I'm meant to be doing ☺.  During the days I've been pulling weeds, I built a shade house specially for my carnivores, particularly my Nepenthes, and Drosera, and I did that on the afternoon after my last exam, since then I decided to go the whole hog, and I've connected up all of my shadehouses into a nice big area that I can fill with shade loving plants ☺..... I mainly did it because my Dendrobium speciosum are coming into flower, and where I had put them for the summer was WAY too tiny for them to flower in (they have 1.5 metre long flower spikes, which adds a 3m spread to their already existing ginormous-ness).  Oh, and I finally tracked down some suitable sand so that I could repot my Drosera and Sarracenia, which is really cool.  I cleaned them up, repotted and even had a go at doing a bit of dividing... fingers crossed it works.

And of course I've become a father again... well, kinda.  We've had some chickens hatch again, and they are absolutely adorable!  I just love them.  I'm also baby sitting my neighbours pets this weekend... you know, the usual.... Fish, Mice, Chooks, Geese, Alpacas and a Bearded Dragon. I LOVE IT!  Also, here's a fun fact, geese bury their eggs... or at least these ones do, I went in to collect the eggs this morning and accidentally stood on a good egg that was buried in the straw, I was devastated, but I saw there was another one laid tonight, so I must remember not to stand on it.

I captured the rain on one of my Philodendrons in the brom garden this week, quite nice
Well, I'm sure I've done a lot more interesting things, but I can't think of them at the moment, or else I'll just save a blog post specially for them.

I had my orchid society meeting last night, which was brilliant as per usual, and then I'm off to a show at the botanic gardens, so there'll be photos from there as well.  I also wrote some posts a while back, so I'll publish them as well in the coming week.  But for now, I think I'd best wrap it up, show some photos, and toddle off to bed ☺

Happy Gardening,
Dogs bane, in School's Environmental Group's garden
Tolumnia Capalaba Sun (A friend of mine in my Orchid Society has thankfully registered this plant, and it's parents, because the tag used to be HUGE before he registered the names... I do love my friends)


  1. Beautiful photos. I would say glad to hear you're catching a bit of a break from school, but with all those other responsibilities it doesn't sound like much of a break at all!

    1. Life is always fun and interesting.... if I don't have anything to do then I get bored and waste my time :) hehehe, I'm back at school this week, so the holidays were fun.... while they lasted :) LOL


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