Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have the best Mum EVER!

Hey Everyone,
Boy, today has been HORRENDOUS weather.  Today felt like it was 5,000°C and 1,000,000% Humidity, it was just disgusting.  This morning dad and I woke up early to do some gardening, it was his idea and when he said it I nearly had a heart attack.... My dad, WANT to do gardening.... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!  I was so stunned that I'm surprised that I had enough sense to say yes.  So we woke up this morning and whilst he did some whipper-snipping (my most loathsome gardening thing, hence the reason why it never gets done, hehehe), I weeded out one of the gardens from the Bane of my life, Potato Vine.  URGH I hate that stuff.

Anyways, at about 11am we could stand it no longer so very reluctantly, but also eagerly ran inside into the Rumpus room to bathe in the blissful existence of Air Conditioning... Oh it's a wonderful thing.

My friend then, who I now see as a complete lunatic for his actions I am now about to describe, rode his bike for half an hour to an hour to get to our place.  I was quite complimented by his commitment.  Anywhos, Marlon, my friend, then helped me move some of my stuff into my new room (Big Bro. just moved out).  And it was a delightful thing to do.  Getting a helping hand, from one of your best friends, whilst in the Air Conditioning, and when I thought life could get no better the following thing came out of my mother's mouth:  "Hey Mike, I was thinking, what if you and I worked on your shade house this afternoon and tried to finish replacing the shade cloth on it.  Because it seems like a tough job that you'd need two people for, and that way you can start to move your orchids back into it".  Now please; Do you know anyone greater than that?

Now that I think about it, I reckon something bad is coming, they are being too nice and too willing to garden... what's going on?

Anyway, on with the story.  Well, this afternoon after we drove Marlon home, mum and I hopped to it, and let me tell you, doing the two triangles on the ends of a shade house.... NOT EASY!  I don't know what I would of done without mum.  As it turned out, it wasn't her helping me, it was me helping her.  So, an update with the shade house re-covering:  I redid all of the shade cloth on the walls and fixed the door last week, then today I helped mum do the triangles on either end in the peaks of the roof, and then mum has promised that tomorrow we'll get the roof done so I can start on the irrigation system and move my 'chids back in.  YAY.
Mum up the ladder, sewing scissors in hand, cutting the shade cloth to size.

Oh, and I best not leave dad out.  This morning he did a wonderful job whipper-snipping the yard, he spent about 4 hours doing that, then spent most of the morning and afternoon working on a "thing" to put on the back of the ride-on mower so that I can now tow my big wheelbarrow, and if need be, our big trailer.... I'm so happy, THANK YOU DAD!  It is going to make life SO much easier.

Now, who's with me when I say I have some of the coolest parents EVER?

Well, I do believe it's the time again when I say Happy Gardening, but today I'd like to add a bit of advice;

When someone does something you appreciate, tell them, and make sure they really know just how much you appreciate.

Tell your loved ones you love them, everyday.  Make sure you tell them if you've had the best day ever, a mediocre day, or have just had a fight with them.  Even if you don't feel it completely at the time, remember that deep down you love them, and make sure they know it, and make sure you know it too.

And finally, LAUGH!  Try to include a joke every so often in general conversation. Or go out of your way to make sure you have a laugh every day, trust me, you'll enjoy it, and if not, then I promise you you'll find it funny.

I've had a great day with my parents, we've been making each other laugh all day.  Wether it's a silly joke, a funny quirk, or just a stupid face, have fun, don't take life overly seriously, and enjoy yourself the world, and people around you.

Happy Gardening/Living Everyone,
Aint she the most beautiful shade-cloth-attach-er-er you've ever done seen? 

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  1. You have great parents! Oh my goodness, I can't get over that pic of your mum up the ladder! Good on her!


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