Monday, July 1, 2013

Sleepy Sunday

The Tropical Dome at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens
Dendrochilum luzonense
Hey Everyone,
Just a quick post today.
Today has been one of those blissful rainy days when you get to rug up warm, and do something relaxing... Or at least it usually is.  I dug out part of the chook's pen today to try get rid of the mud, and I'll finish doing it when the weather permits, then I'll replace it with a nice deep layer of bark chip, which should take ages to break down, and stop the place turning to a slipper, poop filled quagmire, which would be lovely!  While I was doing that the rain picked up so I tidied up and took refuge in the shade house, and did a bit of pottering, and a bit more re-arranging, I'm trying to get everything looking nice and organised... I might achieve that one day... maybe.  Then this afternoon when I'd gotten so cold I couldn't feel any of my appendages I came inside and did one of the weirdest things... I acted my age and...*Queue dramatic music*... played a video game!  It was so odd, but I nice change, but I couldn't have been able to sit still long enough if it hadn't been raining, so I enjoyed it :D

Well, that's about all to report on, so I'll share some photos from yesterday, and toddle off to bed, I'm working tomorrow, so I should hopefully earn some money to buy fuel to go on more adventures, or to feed my many botanical addictions :)

Happy Gardening,
I thought this was very cool, smelt delicious (inside the pot was a twig)

Arid Area of the Bromeliad and Cactus House
Dendrobium spectabile, one of my favourite species
Pterostylis tenuicauda
Dinema polybulboa


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    1. Very cool looking photos! That Dendrobium is really freaky looking, looks like some of those ghost mantes. What is that tree with a sign on it? Did you happen see any carnivorous plants in the garden?

      Sorry removed comment. My keyboard doesn't seem to work properly.

    2. Hey DW, I love the Den. spectabile, it is by far one of the weirdest flowers I've ever seen, I really want to own one, one day...

      The tree with the sign is a Cinnamon Tree, or Cinnamomum zeylanicum, if it hadn't been for the signs, I would have walked straight past it... I was in a rush to see as much of the gardens as I could before the rain started :D

      I saw a couple of carnivores, some Nepenthes and Sarracenia, but right next to where the few sarracenia were there was a big bare patch in the bog garden, so my guess is that they removed some of the plants from the display because they've gone into dormancy, but I'll have a flick through my photos and see what I can find, and then I'll post them for you to see :)

      I think it's really cool that I'm now following a Finnish blogger who's interested in plants, my Dad, Mummo and Pappa are all finnish, as well as half the family... we visited a couple of years back and it's nice going through your blog and just seeing your beautiful courntryside... I can't wait until I save up enough to come visit again.

      .... hopefully you'll get this reply, sorry it's taken so long for me to reply, holidays got really busy so the blog had to take a temporary back seat :)


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