Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Fragrant First

Hey Everyone,

In Summer I decided that I'd give refrigerating some of my bulbs a bit of a whirl to see if it worked or not, and if I'd get some flowers that I hadn't gotten before... well, as you can see, I do believe it's worked.

Would you believe I've never smelt a hyacinth flower before?  Well, it's true... or at least it is to my recollection...  Anyways, aren't they cool(... get it, they were refrigerated... cool.... ? :-) )?

What I did with them was about March, I chucked all my bulbs into separate bags depending on the variety, lobbed them into the crisper in our fridge, and then prevented the family from putting any fruit or vegetable that may produce ethylene in that fridge (luckily we have 2 fridges, one in the kitched and the other in the bar, or I don't think this would have gone down all too successfully).  Well, the people said to only have them in there for 6 weeks or so.... except.... ummm.... yeah, I forgot about them... so they were in there for about 16 weeks, but they don't seem to have suffered any harm :-)

So far I've had my Daffodil Tete-a-tete flower, and now the hyacinths, and this other Daffodil that you can see in the photo... I forgot to memorise it's name so I'll have to go down tomorrow and take a peak :-)

Well, I'm off to bed...

Happy Gardening,


  1. Well done! You've ended up with some fabulous flowers at the end of your experiment. Obviously the extra time in the crisper didn't do the bulbs any harm at all.

    I tried this a couple of years back, with mixed success though. Only a few of the bulbs flowered for me. Still it was a great thing to try.

    1. Thanks Bernie,
      I'm so glad they came through alright, I've got more and more coming into flower at the moment. With some beautiful Daffodils coming up, so far all of them are different and I love 'em!

      I can't wait to do it again next year, which is ridiculous since my plants haven't even stopped flowering yet :D I'd say I'm just addicted to things flowering for the first time :)

  2. ooo...michael what lovely shots of spring downunder...wish there was smellavision

    1. Oh Sharon, the smell is simply to die for! It's moments like this smellavision would be brilliant, but when some of my orchids come into flower, you'd be happy you don't have it, some of them smell FOUL! :D


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