Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brassia Datacosa "Coos Bay"

Hey Everyone,

I had the pleasure of getting away from my study and spending the night with some great friends this week at my Orchid Societies August meeting, and it was BRILLIANT!  I put in some plants into the monthly competition, and ended up getting a 3rd for my Pterostylis concinna, so I was pretty happy.
Each month I always take along everything I have in flower, but I never take them because I think I'll win; I take them because it adds to the show on the night, and maybe some day I may take along something that someone's never seen before, which is one of my favourite parts about the night.

My mum was surprised because on the night I took her along with me, and we went with 4 plants, and came home with 6 :).

Well, as you've probably guessed by now, one of the plants I got on the night was a Brassia Datacosa "Coos Bay" from one of my friends and I just LOVE it!  So I thought I'd share some information about it with you all :)

Brassia Datacosa is a Primary Hybrid between B. verrucosa and B. caudata and it seems to flower in late winter and early spring.  At the moment its a relatively large plant with 4 spikes on it, and I can't wait until it grows into an even bigger specimen with MILLIONS of spikes and flowers :).  I'll probably take a cutting or two this spring, so then I have some back-ups, and I might sell some too... I'm going to try and make the orchids into a self-sustaining hobby :).

I'll have this is my shade house next to my Oncidiums under 75% shade cloth, and I'll allow it to dry out in between watering.

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