Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Series of Succulents

Hey Everyone, Thanks to that mystery person that subscribed to my blog, I am very complimented .... I promise that I will eventually stop commenting on stuff like that.... but at the moment its just too exciting J LOL
 I have always had a slight interest in succulents, but never really thought about them that much, until I started seeing some amazing photos of them, the majority coming from Melody at Hooray Plants The only problem with my interest in succulents is that as of yet I don't have a single confirmed name for them, I have an idea for two of them, but I’m not knowledgeable on them at all, so if someone that knows the names, or perhaps has an idea to the name could let me know I would REALLY appreciate it, I like knowing the scientific names for them, then you can learn so much about them. Without further ado and enough chit chat from me, PHOTO TIME! I found a rusty old dish in one of our gardens and it had some holes in the bottom of it so I decided it would make a nice succulent pan, it has just normal old potting mix underneath and then some rocks on top, I thought it turned out surprisingly well, and the plants seem to like it too because they are all growing and flowering

Melody said this looks like a Graptopetalum Hybrid

Melody said this looks like a Graptopetalum Hybrid

Melody said this looks like a Graptopetalum Hybrid

Would you believe this flower stem was growing under the pot that you can see to the left of the image
Melody said this looks like a Graptopetalum Hybrid

Melody said this is a Crassula gollum
Melody said this is a Kalanchoe, possibly a hybrid with fedtchenkoi in it

Melody said this was some kind of Sempervivum

Melody agrred this was a Hawarthia and said it was likely attenuata

definitely an Echiveria possible 'Aquarius'

What perfect positioning of the two flowers

Crassula ovata on the left and a Echeveria on the right

I can never understand it when people throw out broken pots, don't see it as broken, just see it as a different challenge

FLAPJACKS! I DO LOVE FLAPJACKS (Kalanchoe, possibly thrisiflora)! Somehow I took all these photos without taking a photo of my big one, it is my pride and joy so many people admire it... i'm allowed to have some vanity in my life aren't I? LOL

I hope you liked them, and let me know what you think of them, or if you have any idea on names, or tips and hints, I’d love to hear them

thank you so much to Melody from Hooray Plant! for helping with some identification suggestions, she is a GOD!


  1. Ok, here's my guesses at them!

    The 1st few pictures look like Graptopetalum hybrids. Those are tough to ID as there are a million cultivars and they hybridize readily with other succulents making Graptosedum, Graptoveria, etc.!

    You definitely got a Crassula gollum, (the one with long green "fingers")

    That's a Sempervivum in the picture above your Haworthia (probably attenuata)and Echeveria. Looks like you've got some other types of Echeveria some of the other pictures. Those 2 the genus is correct for sure.

    The picture above the Sempervivum is a Kalanchoe, possibly a hybrid with fedtschenkoi in it.

    In the last pic are Crassula ovata, and a Kalanchoe (possibly thrisiflora.)

    They're fun plants, and unlike orchids, so tolerant you can pretty much pot them in anything. I'm about to dress some of mine up in some "pots" I'm drilling holes in now.

    1. Melody..... have I ever told you I love you???? :D <3

      thankyou so much for those names i appreciate it so much,

      the orchids have ruined me, before i grew them i didn't mind if i didn't know the scientific names of plants, but because of them i'm almost obsessive about it and now i can add a few more names to my repertoire, and you can bet that tomorrow i'll be out there writing tags :)

      i'll just adit the captions under the photo.... lets hope i get them right :)

    2. Not a problem! I'm certainly no taxonomy expert, but I love scientific names too. Not only does it make it easier to communicate about plants, but it's more effective (ie. I know of like 4 plants people refer to with the common name "Zebra Plant", including your Haworthia attenuata, how the heck am I supposed to know which one you are talking about, gimmie the scientific name!)

      The pictures were all labeled correctly except the one "Crassula ovata on the left and a Sempervivum on the right" On the right is an Echeveria. Sorry I should've been more specific and numbered them or something.

    3. hahaha, i agree about the common name, for example some poeple call dendrobium kingianum and/or Dendrobium speciosum the King Orchid

      and i'll edit the label now :D


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