Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michaels Mayhem Managery

Hey Everyone,
meet my helpers, without them gardening wouldn't be nearly as easy, and it would be far less entertaining without them,

Nalle on the top left, and Teddy on the bottom right, they get up to so much mischeif it's not funny, but they are brilliant gardening companions

Monty, or "The Boss" he and I have grown up together, we got him when I was 2, and he is now 14, he knows just what to do when gardening, and just what not to do, he prefers the what not to do because he gets more attention that way :), the other day he tried to jump into my lap while i was crouched down on the edge of one of my ponds doing some cleaning...... I ended up a bit wetter than I'd intended, LOL 

Miss Audrey Orpington, one of the aristocrats of the chook world :) LOL, I love orpingtons

I do love it when they scratch around where there are no plants, saves me having to do weeding :)

well that was just a very brief view of some of my gardening buddies :) i'll try to take some photos of my other friends :)


  1. Way too cute! I really miss having a dog. I do have two cat "helpers" (read = idiots) that are good at pruning the orchids, too bad I never actually need them to do that.

    1. hahahaha LOL, i've had a couple of near misses with the animals and the orchids, I just realised, i should upload photos of the other animals, we have birds as well :D


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