Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adventures in Paradise (Binna Burra)

Hey Everyone,

Last Friday, my Mum, Dad and I went to a place in the Gold Coast Hinterland called Binna Burra, we stayed up there for the weekend in our motor home and I had an absolute blast… I always do when we go up there.  It’s full of my two favourite things, flora and fauna.  On the way up I saw for the first time a Barn Owl (Tyto alba) in real life. A rabbit… even though they are classified as pests I still love ‘em. And we also had to brake like there was no tomorrow because a Brush-tailed Possum ran across the road. 

The sign welcoming you to the lodge

Then on Saturday while on a bushwalk with Dad, we were walking along and I surprised a pair of Pademelons and one of them ran away, but the other was so surprised that it froze, which gave me the opportunity to take some really close photos of it, it was AWESOME!  Then on Saturday night mum woke me up because there was a Long-nosed Bandicoot (Perameles nasuta) outside and I’d always wanted to see one because we have one living in our paddock at home but I’ve never seen it.  When mum and I went outside it knew we were there but simply didn’t care which was awesome because once again it allowed me to get some cool photos, which didn’t turn out too badly considering the night was as dark as pitch and I had to rely on the camera flash J…… I love Mum’s camera.

Also at Binna Burra I always go and check up on my Satin Bowerbird friend J I found his bower when I was up there last time, so now I go and see what other blue things he has collected since the last time.  This time he’d added some more string, some blue bottle lids, some lolly wrappers, and even earlier this ring he stole some sapphire engagement rings and other sapphire jewelry.  When the people reported the missing jewels to the office they knew exactly where to go.  I told them where the bower was last time I was up there just in case something like this happened. But I never thought it would. LOL J

this is his bower

the male in his Bower

I was always looking forward to seeing which orchids were in flower, I was hoping the Dendrobium speciosums would be but it seems I was a couple of weeks early, this one has 32 SPIKES ON IT! And thankfully the dendrobium kingianum had 2-3 flowers out for me too J

Dendrobium speciosum with 32 flower spikes

Dendrobium kingianum

I was also given some scones, cream and jam by some lovely ladies on Saturday morning, they wanted to thank me for telling them all about the Den. speciosums and for showing them photos of my ones in flower at home.

Not a bad view to have when you have to do homework J

This was one of the waterfalls/creeks that was along one of the bushwalks, in summer after rain this would be a waterfall but because we haven’t had rain for about 2 months it’s dryer than usual, but there is still some water J

May the sun keep shining, the plants keep blooming and have a wonderful day.


  1. Thanks for the photos, looks like a fun time! Love the animal pictures, and OMG the D. speciosum is huge. Owls are my favorite and it's so rare to ever get to see them, I mostly just get to listen to them at night. I haven't been hiking in a while, I think it's time to start again...

    1. i love owls too, we have a Boobook Owl that lives at our house and i listen to him most nights, and we have some Tawny Frogmouths that i see occasionally :D

      and i love hiking :D


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