Thursday, August 23, 2012

To all the non-existant people following my blog

Hi....... everyone..... if you're actually out there reading this

My name's Michael, I've had a passion for gardening and animals since i was about 2 foot tall.... now 4 foot and 14 years later that passion is still holding on strong :)

I'm interested in growing orchids, of which i have over about 300.... a bit of rapid growth seeing as how i only started growing them 2 years ago, i like other ornamentals and i've got the occasional succulent, carnivorous plant and anything else that strikes my fancy.  I also pinch my mums camera every so often to take some happy snaps.

we live on 5 acres and it's pretty much down to me to maintain it, though dad does do some mowing every now and then........ but i do it better :3 LOL

I'm currently trying to get back on top of the garden because the combination of school work, and an unprecedented obsession with orchids made me fall WAY behind

anyways, these are my adventures, from hither to yon, from bush to garden and back to the occasional orchid show, or nice garden :) and you'll probably have to put up with the occasional photo of my pets or a bit of wildlife here and there..... well enough of boring old me, and onto the plants :)

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Happy Gardening :)