Friday, September 7, 2012

A quick apology, and then on with the plants :)

Hey Everybody out there in blog land.

Would you believe it, this week my wee wittle blog reach 100 page views, gosh, who would have thought that would happen?  And, my page views aren’t counted in that number so woohoo J…… now I just have to get my act together with these blog posts LOL.

Now, I must apologise for the lack of posts of late.  I know a lot of you don’t mind, or don’t even notice but I would like to make a new blog post at least every 2 days, now whether that is a big long life story, or just one or two photos I don’t care, not sure about your opinion so I’ll just have to go with mine LOL.  Now the reason for my lack of posts is that, I got grounded L, i.e. no Facebook, no mobile phone, no nothin’…… and I must admit, I kinda enjoyed it, it certainly gave me more time for gardening which I think is one thing I’m going to keep going J.

However I’ve been helping mum at the Redlands Quilt Extravaganza these past few days, and as embarrassing as it is to admit it…. I’m enjoying myself tremendously, if any people in Brisbane just so happen to come across this quaint little blog then please do pop in, but as I doubt that to happen I won’t bore you all with details on it. Though I might try get a photo of myself on the stand tomorrow to show you all J LOL.

Now on with the bloggering J

These are just some photos from around the garden, and they are what I would refer to as “cottage-y” plants, I’m working on making one of my gardens more  cottage-y and high maintenance just to give me something to keep me busy, whereas the others I think I might try and make some low maintenance versions of some of those amazing gardens I’ve been seeing on other gardening blogs such as;

Now this is my one and only Pentas…. And I do intend to get it a friend because I do love it dearly.  I got this one on the Christmas school holidays from a little nursery in the Gold Coast Hinterland, it didn’t have a name on it, and to memory it only cost me $10 and in my opinion it’s been worth every penny. It just keeps on flowering J.

My one and only Pentas
This on of my “Flapjacks” or Kalanchoe thyrsiflora, and I thought the look of it was really intriguing.  Now I must say that if anybody has the slightest interest in succulents, or just plants in general then if you can, than GET ONE OF THESE! I absolutely adore this plant, depending on how much I water it and the light I give it, it can go from BRIGHT pure red, ro dark green, in the photos its at my favourite colour of the green with the red edging.  I just throw some water at it when I can be bothered and apart from that it just multiplies like absolute mad…. LOVE IT! J

 “Flapjacks” or Kalanchoe thyrsiflora
This next picture is of one of my Jonquils.  When mum told me that jonquils were her favourite flower I was determined to get some for her, and now I have them coming out of my ears…. I really must find a more permanent place for them where I want cut them in half with the shovel while they are dormant :S… I must admit, many a hippeastrum has suffered that fate.

 This is an interesting little plant. The pitty is, I can’t for the life of me remember what its called, I know I have the name for it somewhere in the deep dark depths of my computer files, and I’ll have to find it, but I’ve never seen it before except for in very old gardens around the bayside area near my house.  The gardening fashions of different eras fascinate me no end.

Mystery plant
Here are a couple of shots of my Jasminum polyanthum, a lovely climbing jasmine that just smells DEVINE, I would have it growing all over our house if my mum let me J

My Salvia Phyllis Fancy.  This is a marvelous plant I got a couple of years back and it just grows and flowers non stop. And I have now figured out when to prune it.  All the branches you can see there are coming from the ground, of from branches just above it.  Now what I do is I wait for these new branches to start to grow from the ground in late autumn to mid winter, then when they get big enough to differentiate them from the other branches, and they are strong enough to be by themselves then I remove all other branches bar the new ones, and this stops the plant getting to overgrown and scraggly, and gives me a bit of extra maneuverability in the garden until summer J

Salvia Phyllis Fancy
 And then just a couple of shots from around the place. I’ll try get around on Sunday to take some more/newer pictures because more and more flowers are coming out each day.’

Now I have to ask, does anyone know what this marvelous plant is?  I absolutely adore it and would love to get hundreds of them, but I don’t know what it is, and I’d like to move it to a new spot but I don’t know the name which means I can’t find cultural info for it so I can’t makesure I move it to the right spot… what a vicious little circle LOL, so if anyone could help with the name it would be massively appreciated.

 Well I do believe I’d best be off to bed, and I’ll try get another post up tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me J


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