Friday, September 14, 2012

Got roots?

Unknown Cattleya with amazing roots
I had to do some repotting tonight because a big gust of wind must have come through the yard while i was at school today.  A heap of my orchids got blown off their benches and i had to repot/fix them tonight.

there was only one that suffered from a flight across the shade house and that was my large specimen Brassia gireoudiana.  The fall crushed some new growths and some of the old bulbs were knocked askew so fearing an infection i cut those pieces off into small divisions, potted them and then put cinnamon on the cut.  cinnamon being a natural antibacterial i'm hoping the plant wont suffer any ill effect.   by doing this i hope that if an infection does somehow get into the new growths or bulbs then it will at most only effect a small cutting instead of a big specimen plant.

A different Angle
while i was repotting i figured i may as well do some repotting of some of my other orchids seeing as how i'd gotten some bark today.  when i unpotted them all i was amazed at the incredible root growth that they've had this past year, they must like me :).  when i potted them last year they'd had barely any roots on them and wouldn't stand up properly, whereas now, it was hard to get any bark in the pots due to the roots. LOL.. though i'm not complaining, the growth above ground.... well i guess ground wouldn't really be applicable, so maybe above pot.... the growth above pot :), has been far better than the previous growths, they are larger, plumper and just generally healthier, plus all my cattleyas that i got last year with no roots and sickly looking plants, now that they all have good roots they are all starting to grow flower sheaths which is exciting.

i'll have to go out and buy some squat pots when i get some money because i prefer the squat pots because the mix dries out quicker plus they are less likely to tip over.

well i better get to bed, i don't want to be too tired tomorrow when i do the Bloom Day photos post :)

and of course, i guess i'd best include at least one photo of a flower :)

I took this photo of a Pigface at school today after my English Oral Presentation

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