Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bit of this and that

Hello again everybody.

I do happen to keep bunching my posts together, but better all together than none at all J.

This post is a bit of a mish-mash of photos I’ve taken recently.

First of all, this is a photo of a pond that I made outside one of my shade houses.  Sorry for the terrible photo, it was getting just to dark to keep gardening and working on it so I thought I’d take my chance with taking a photo.

Now in the pond itself is a little Water Lily;

Some Louisiana Irises, these flowered last year but I somehow forgot to get a photo.  I started off with a medium sized plant and in the space of a year it has simply tripled in size….. I LOVE IT!

Also, ontop of some bricks and inside a shallow tray of water are my wittle carnivores who are starting to send up new shoots/traps/pitchers/leaves like no tomorrow, I’m loving this weather as it warms up.

Then on the side is my weirdo mystery plant, and a bromeliad, then in the pot underneath the pond is a Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine, of which there is a long story about, but I’m very tired, so perhaps another time. Then above the pond is a Bird’s Nest Fern, a couple of other bromeliads and a Crucifix Orchid or Epidendrum radicans.

This little guy seriously has to be the coolest christmas present I have ever gotten from a teacher, we talk about gardening all the time together and then before christmas/summer holidays we always buy each other a git that is gardening related, it’s good fun.  I have him standing under my snap dragons, but I need to come up with a name for him… I’m not sure, I’m tossing up between Tangle Goblintwist, Spider Willowsnap and Ash Elfembers.  Which do you prefer, or do you have a suggestion?

Now this thing, this is from my Nepenthes Gothica, this was a massive pitcher, the pitchers doubled in size from the ones that were at the gardening store, to when it got back to my house, however it has just produced another pitcher some months after this photo was taken, and I believe that the cold weather may be what has caused the newest pitcher to be smaller than this one.

And then just some miscilaneous photos

Happy Gardening


  1. Beautiful photos as usual, Michael! I love your pond. I follow a few people on instagram that have essentially turned buckets into mini ponds, just to be able to grow a water lily in their yard or on their apartment decks. I want to do this so badly, it's not even funny. I just think it looks so creative! Do you do anything to circulate the water, or is it not really necessary?

    Also, nice Gothica! Such a nice cross.


    1. awwww shucks, thanks Melody ☺

      I’ve seen a couple of buckets that have been made so that both water lilies and carnivores can live in them, when i get some time I’m definitely going to try it out and share some photos of it too ☺ LOL, I’m starting to love ponds more and more, I’ve already got 2 and they are full of tadpoles, it's great.

      I haven't got anything to circulate that water because the tadpoles get sucked into the filter and the frogs won't lay their eggs in the ponds. though I do have some little fish and the tadpoles to eat all the mosquitos

      and I’m definitely going to be getting me some more nepenthes, I just love 'em.

  2. Love the pictures and you made me wanna search for Osteospermums again! I had some at our previous place, but by the coast I am not sure, yet I must try, lovely flowers.

    1. Hey, glad you liked them, i thought that i'd lost my osteospermum a while back, but after giving it a hell of a prune and plenty of water its sprung back to life and flowering like mad :) i'd forgotten just how much i love the one in the photo above.

      my sister bought it for me from Bunnings some time last year.... she's good to me :)

      hopefully you'll be able to get another one


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