Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guess who's a member of Blotanical!!!!

This is a shot of one of my Sarracenia,
they are all making new pitchers so i'm really excited about that,
Hey Everyone,

A website gadget kept popping up on peoples blogs and it's called Blotanical.  the gadget led me to a marvellous website that was created by fellow garden blogger Stuart from Gardening Tips 'n' Ideas.  The website is an absolute treasure trove of garden-blog goodies with billions of blogs to see and choose from, I'm still in the process of figuring out all the features.  I've already found some amazing blogs, and hopefully made some good friends *fingers crossed* :).

I'm all excited because currently I'm the "Most Active Member (in the past 24 hours)" so hopefully some more people will find me and want to be my friend LOL :).... i do love friends :)...... how cheesy was that.

On there i've already found Carol from May Dreams Garden, Melody from Hooray! Plants!, and my lovely Blotanical mentor HolleyGarden from Roses and Other Gardening Joys.  they are magnificent blogs and i highly suggest you go and check them out. after exam block is over i'm going to give them a really good read.

i can't wait to keep delving into all the nooks and crannies of blotanical and finding out all about it and the blogs on it.

I've only got the 2 photos today because i'm saving up the photos i took today for the Bloom Day Photos on the 15th, it'll be my first time participating in it so hopefully I get it right, LOL.

This is the shot outside my bedroom window the other
morning, the sunrise was incredible, it was a far richer colour
than you can see, it was truly beautiful.

I had my Study of Religion exam today, and i think i did pretty well, now i just have to keep reading my English oral so that i can memorise it.... i chopped 300 words out of it today LOL.

I might skip posting tomorrow, and save up so i can have MILLIONS of photos for Saturday, LOL... oh and guess what. I'VE REACHED 200 VIEWS! woohoo, thanks everyone, i'm getting views from all over the world, seriously, i'm not kidding, it is so cool.

Hoping you're having a Bloomin' marvellous day


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