Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Selection of Photos and Some News

a Bulbophyllum rothschildianum that flowered for me a couple of months back, I have figured out the art of taking photos of my orchids flowers and easily getting a pure black background for them.... take the photos at night.  have the plant inside in the light, but have it in front of an open window :) so far it has worked perfectly every time :)
An Unknown Hoya that flowered in my collection a couple of months back.
 I took the photo shortly after watering the plants in the shade house
Hey Everyone, i was just going through some photos of the plants and i thought i'd add them to the post just to add some interest and some plant-y-ness.  I'm going into my Exam Block tomorrow so for the next week my posts may be few and far between, and short at the best of times, but i promise that after exam block, when i'm on holidays, i'll make some nice juicy posts..... then you'll probably be wanting me to shut up LOL.

who wants to hear my exam schedule?..... well too bad you're going to hear... well read i guess... it anyway.

Thursday 13th Study of Religion 1 hour exam
Friday 14th English 2.5 hour time period in which to do 3-5 minute Oral
Monday 17th Mathematics B 3 hour exam (FML)
Tuesday 18th Biology 2 hour exam
Tolumnia (Irene Gleason x Spanish Beauty) 
x Susan Perriera 'Pepper' 
Thursday 20th Geography 3 hour exam
Friday 21st Chemistry 3 hour exam

so, thats my timetable for the next week....

i'm a bit worried about Study Of Religion tomorrow, but it shouldn't be too bad
English i just have to finish memorising my speach, 
then this weekend i'm going to be studying like mad for my maths
in Biology i'm pretty confident, we've been studying the systems within the human body, i.e. respiratory system, cardiovascular.
Geography should be good fun, for some reason i find it very easy to remember the stuff for it, plus my teacher gave me a very thorough revision sheet which helps
and with chemistry, surprisingly, i'm not terrified, I don't think i'll go too badly YAY

on with the plants :)

I mentioned in one of my recent posts about getting 2 soft cane dendrobiums from a cafe, and i believe i also mentioned that the second one was flowering too, but i don't believe i included photos, so here they are

 this is a photo of my Arpophyllum giganteum which is flowering again, i do love these flowers, i'm definitely going to try and get some decent shots of the flowers with the proper camera because i don't seem to have any that i've taken of my plant, but this fuzzy picture at least gives you an idea.  i really am fascinated by it, and i'm definitely going to have to get some more in the future, there is a very close relative, A. spicatum, that i'd like to get as well and it would be interesting to be able to see the differences between them close at hand.
Also, i thought i'd include a photo that my cousin took of a Kookaburra while they were visiting from Finland.  the reason for including this photo is two-fold.
a) its a really cool photo
b) i have a kookaburra that every morning, without fail, when i look out the window there he is sitting on the end of my largest shade house.  so just something interesting

and as for this photo.  i took this while i was at home very sick last semester.  i had to stay in bed for 6 weeks and it was driving me absolutely insane, and i didn't have any orchids in flower at the time to help keep me amused so my mum got me a big lovely bunch of flowers and i managed to hobble out of bed with my iPhone to take some photos.  they really were lovely to have.

don't forget, to see larger versions of the images, just click on them

May your plants continue to blossom and grow... and remember, the only stupid question is the one that isn't asked.

Michael :)


  1. Bulbophyllum is brilliant love the rest too! Good luck with you exams! LT

    1. Thanks, glad you liked them

      it's nice getting comments, LOL

      and my first exam went well, now just onto English tomorrow :S

  2. Hi Michael i thought i would give you a little visit, such a cute kookaburra, gee i miss those lovely birds around our area. Your experiment with the night shot and the orchid worked out well didn't it, a good way to get a black background, very clever of you. Have a good day Karen.

    1. thanks for the visit, comments are good fun :)

      i love kookaburras, what happened to the ones near you?

      and i'm going to try get some more night photos.... when i get the chance, LOL

    2. They left when their homes were destroyed for houses.


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