Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 15 Stages of Doggy Bliss

Hey Everyone,
it's only been a couple of days since i last posted but it's felt like YEARS!
well i've been galavanting all over the country side,
drove to toowoomba on friday after my final exam, chemistry, then that night found out i had to fly to Newcastle, so back down to brisbane we go, then to the airport saturday morning at 4:00am, i didn't know the world existed that early, then an hour flight to Newcastle, then spent the day there, then had to be at the airport at 4:00am the next morning and flew back to brisbane, then off to toowoomba Monday around lunchtime, and now i'm finally home.

Now, on Monday i took some photos of Nalle our giant schnauzer, (pronounced; Null-eh), having a roll on the grass in the front yard and i thought it was just WAY too funny to not post it hehehehe.

well here they are, once they've loaded go through them in quick succession, i find it hilarious.

oh, and as for the red stain on his bum it isn't you-know-what, he sat in red clay mud and i wasn't willing to scrub that area too much, so once i finished rinsing him off i let him have a roll around, but then i cleaned the rest using the hose after he finished having his roll.... he didn't like getting squirted with the hose again, hehehehe.  and i must apologise for the photos, i ended up uploading the bad photos around 5 times each but each upload they just got worse and worse so i'm sorry

I LOVE his expression in this one

Happy Gardening, and i'll try get some more photos up tonight to catchup a bit


  1. Dogs have so much personality, don't they? He seems to want to get dirty again after having his bath! :)

    1. oh i soooo agree, especially after today when Nalle TRASHED my herb garden chasing a mouse.... GRRRR! but atleast he's trying to get the mouse and didn't do it out of malice.... but still GRRRRR :)


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