Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Foliage Follow-Up

Foliage Follow-Up

I know, I’m a couple of days late, but I I figured better late than never.  Well, here are a couple of different foliage around the yard.  I was so surprised just how interested I was in the different types of foliage, therefore, for that, I must thank Pam from Digging for opening my eyes.

I’m really tired after all my exams so I think I might just upload a heap of photos with not as much of a story.

I hope you’re all well, and I might try get another upload tomorrow.  School has been getting hectic, and I'm so gosh darned tired. 

Well, hoping all your gardens are happy and growing, and you are the human equivalent, enjoy the foliage.

I love the contrast of the strappy leaves of the garlic, to the Rose Geranium in the background
and the contrast between the smooth pointed leaves of the Snap-Dragon in front, to the crinkled leaves of the Rose Geranium in the back there

This time the focus on the Geranium

Another Geranium
Old Fashioned min, and its beautifully pleated leaves
Chocolate Mint, this died right back about a fortnight ago and i thought i'd killed it, but luckily its regrowing from the roots
gotta love the fluffy young leaves of the Comfry
Gotta love the contrast between Flat-leafed and Curley-leafed Parsley
Rosemary and in the background my two Parsley and to the bottom left more garlic
I love the long thin tubes of the Chives
And of course the Variegated Oregano
I love the different between the Hippeastrum at the back, and the succulents in the front
Philodendron xanadu 
From left to right; (Top Left) Poinciana, Paperbark(melaleuca), Mystery Plant, and Privet


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Randy, i was surprised to find so many different types of foliage in my garden

  2. Such variation in texture, form, and even just the color green, right? Thanks for joining in with a leaf-love post this month, Michael!

    1. i know, i was simply amazed, and i will most definitely be back next month


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