Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welcome to NTPA (Night Time Photographers Anonymous)

My name's Michael and I have been addicted to taking photos of my plants at night time for a week.

It started off as an experiment with getting a black background for a photo of one of my orchids last weekend and as of tonight it has developed into a full blown addiction.... it gives good results though which means i'll probably be falling over things i can't see again tomorrow night, i think i may venture further afield tomorrow too :) i do love my mums camera, here is just a sneak peak of what is to come on Saturday (Bloom Day Photos)

and let it be known, i have not edited these photos in any way, apart from a little bit of cropping, and when i say that, i mean very very little, and remember, click on them to see a larger version


  1. The photos are really very pretty with the dark background. I especially love the photo of the lavender. I can see where this could get a little addicting! :)

    1. i think that the dark background really makes the photos "POP" and all the focus is on the colour of the plant and not getting mixed up with the colours in the background

      i have 92 photos coming in a post on saturday and a lot of the will be night time photos so be sure to stop by again to see them :)

      you should give it a go one time


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