Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oncidium Pacific Paladium

Oncidium Pacific Paladium

Oncidium Pacific Paladium is a Hybrid between Onc. Sharry Baby and Onc. Illustre (for further details on Oncidium Pacific Paladium's family tree, see image below).  I have this plant growing under 75% Shade cloth in a pot with 2 parts Medium Bark to 1 part Styrofoam Cubes.  I let this plant almost completely dry out between waterings and it flowers in Winter.  This plant is highly fragrant and smells of chocolate.  Definitely a plant I would suggest.

I recently divided this plant as it was growing new growths in the centre of the plant and it would have just complicated matters.  Normally I would have left it to grow into a specimen plant as I believe it would put on quite a show, but at least now I will have a back-up plant, and it will only mean it'll take just a bit longer to make it a specimen.

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