Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1st of December | The Meanings of December

Hey Everyone,

Okay, it's not exactly the first.... it's the fourth, but still the issue is relevant.  Today i thought I would let you all know what this significant day means....

the meanings are as follows.

HOLIDAYS, WOOP WOOP - Yes, it is holidays, and I don't have to go back for another 8 weeks, YAHOO, and I plan on making the most out of these wonderful long, warm, sunlit days.

SUMMER! - I have mixed feelings about this.  On the upside it means days at the beach, or in pools... or anything water related really... but it does also mean heat... lots of it too.  But I guess without heat then it wouldn't really be possible to experience that heavenly atmosphere after rain.  The humidity in the air, the overpowering aromas of freshly cut lawn, mulch, plants, the wonderful smelling and tasting air, and the sweet, subtle and luring scent of the flowers.  To be able to wake up in the morning just as the sun rises to the deafening chorus of birds, and to be able to be elbow deep in dirt, mulch and plants within a few short moments after waking up.

CHRISTMAS! - Yes, it's almost here.  Now my poor family has to put up with endless christmas carols and soon (i.e. ASAP) I will be getting out the boxes of christmas decorations and the house will be brilliant... it normally takes me a couple of days to decorate the house so I normally try and con a friend into helping me, muhahahaha.

POINCIANAS!!!! - My bestest garden friend of all is in the middle of coming for a visit.  No I'm not talking about an actual person, I'm referring to the several poincianas that we have at our house, this time of year they explode into "fire-y floriferous-ity".  They are completely ablaze with flowers and having walked under one of them today the dogs and I got completely showered in pollen and got the equivalent of a bad fake tan from it.

FAMILY! - This is that wonderful time of year when no matter what, you see the family and friends.  I'll be visiting uncles and aunts and staying with grandma, and they'll be visiting us, and on Christmas day of course, all hell will break loose :).  No doubt there'll be a fight, likely due to too many cooks in the kitchen, everyone will talk louder and louder so that their story or opinion will be heard, there'll be the practical joke or two, we'll all GORGE ourselves on food then spend the rest of the day waddling around making mischief and chatting, and it will be an all round thoroughly enjoyable time.

and lastly... FRUIT! - One of my favourite things about this time of year, it's not the lollies, candy or sweets that excite me, it's the overwhelming abundance of fruit; Mangos, Cherries, Mangos, Nectarines, Mangos, Apricots, Mangos, Bananas, Mangos, Avocados... MANGOS!

For those of you below the equator, I hope you enjoy this wonderful summer ahead, and those of you above it, enjoy your winter, and those of you lucky enough to get a white christmas (ours are normally brown, and we're excited if it's green, but it's never white), I hope you enjoy it.
Happy Gardening,

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  1. It's nice to see you back here, Michael!!!

    Lol, I can tell you like mangoes just a bit. . .

    The flora you have there in Australia definitely looks cool, too!

    I hope you enjoy your summer. . . our winter isn't looking that pretty so far. . we just got like 8" of snow last evening.

    1. MUM BOUGHT SOME TODAY!!!! WOOHOOOO, she opened the car door and I was out in the garden and I could smell them and I literally came running to the car :)

      and how cool about the snow. I'd love to have a white christmas one time

  2. White Xmas in Australia is not a good thing... >> hail storms! So, we'll just pray for a 'green' one :)

  3. Oh Michael, what a great post. You've thoroughly captured the feeling of December. I don't get holidays but I can relate to everything else.

  4. we have poinsianas in florida but hey your are so luch and big!!...WOW i miss down under....cheers


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