Thursday, December 6, 2012

Melbourne Adventure | Part 2, The Melbourne Aquarium

Well Everyone,

Shall we continue the adventure?
Following my um... interesting (?) flight down to Melbourne we got back to the caravan park and had to reverse the motorhome into our spot... yeah, nothing better than a loud reversing beep at midnight to meet your neighbours... oops.

The following morning (Saturday) mum and dad woke me up at 6am which would not have been a problem in Brisbane, however due to stupid day-light savings it was 5am Brisbane time and lets just say, I was a LEEEEETTLE  bit tired.  But after finally dragging myself out of bed we were off, which is a precarious task as my bed is located above the front seats of the motorhome, yeah thats right, let's seen anyone climb down a ladder gracefully whilst half asleep and still being partly entangle in the sheets. LOL

So, after a quickly scoffed breakfast off we went as quietly as possible in our motorhome into the Melbourne Convention Centre because Mum and Dad were down their for work (for the AQM, Australian Quilt Market, which is a wholesale show for the craft industry), anyways, after spending a couple of hours in there helping mum and dad, part of which i spent being the "water-boy", handing out bottles of water, I finally managed to "escape" off to the Aquarium.

A view from the bridge between the Convention Centre and the Aquarium.

Therefore, with iPhone "Maps" app open in one hand, camera in other with a backpack on the back I set off from the convention and over to the aquarium.  The trip there was an interesting one, for some reason the Maps app decided to send me via the scenic route which all it showed me was buildings and shops, and we have plenty of them up here in Brisbane so it was no big-y to me.  But then on the way back I figured screw the app, I'm going to try out a different way and if I get lost then so be it, that'll be funny.  Well coming back it turned out to be a far more scenic (i.e. pleasant to look at route) than it had been going the opposite direction because this time I didn't go through city streets, instead I went through one of the MANY river side parks.

Well, enough blabbering about that, lets get on to the FISHIES!!!! :)

Long-knecked turtles, they look so cool

Cow Fish, they kept me entertained.  They'd skim across just below the top of the water going in circles

I was so excited about this Chambered Nautilus

Don't you just love a good Jelly?

these were the stupidest, most dumbest jelly fish EVER, they spend most of their life upside down... dumby heads


weird octopus eggs (?)


Now you see him...

and Now you don't...

hehe, I even spotted an Nobile Dendrobium in one of th tanks... Pitty it was in the Poison Dart Frog tank :S
and there's the frog in the middle of the photo, just above the rock and left of the plant

Well, off to bed I go... Until tomorrow when I'll tell you all about my adventures of the plant kind, First up the amazing Fitzroy Gardens, then following that is the Botanical Gardens, as well as the Queen's court of roses and the King's Domain... but you'll just have to wait to hear about them.

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