Monday, December 10, 2012

A fitting Tribute to Colin Campbell

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Hey Everyone,
Tonight I thought I would take a break from the Melbourne adventure and talk about one of my Idols and heroes.

For those of you that did not know him, or had not heard, sadly, Colin Campbell at the age of 78 died this year.  He had been a presenter on Gardening Australia from the very beginning as well as writing articles for newspapers, magazines and as a host of a gardening radio show.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Colin on several occasions and I was amazed by the person he was. I was expecting meeting him to be something akin to meeting some big, intimidating famous person, but when I did, it felt as though he was an old family friend who had been around my entire life.  He was a truly amazing man.  His kindness, passion and knowledge was overwhelming and I was blessed to experience his genuine smile on several occasions, which I am sure would have had the ability to light up a dark room.

He was an incredible man and I was so glad that Gardening Australia did a fitting tribute to him.  I would like to send you all a link of the video and I highly suggest you all take a look because it gives an insight into the funny, knowledgeable and cheeky man that he was.

He shall be very sorely missed, though I am glad I had the privilege of meeting this brilliant man.

A Tribute to Colin

Happy Gardening,
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