Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm BAAAAAAACK!!! | Carina's Roses & Garden

Yes I do still exist believe it or not.  I've barely been around lately thanks to school assignments, etc. But now that it's the summer holidays you'll all be wanting to get rid of me :) hehehe.

Well, have I had an absolute blast!  Melbourne was absolutely amazing.  I have a lot to talk about... and show for that matter because while I've been away I've taken 2,161 photos... oops, 1,204 of them being from the Dubbo Zoo where we stayed the night at their WONDERFUL, "Zoofari".  It was the worlds best christmas present.

While I've been away I've visited the Melbourne Aquarium, the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens, several plant nurseries, all of which I shall be raving on about, and the wonderful Mt. Beenak Orchid Nursery run by the ever-knowledgeable Clive Halls.  Then on the way back from Melbourne we stopped off at a couple of quilt shops for mum (yes, even they shall be getting a post) and I did a little bit of writing in the car too, but only a little, I was too busy drinking in the scenery or chatting with mum and dad most of the time.  Then there shall be a HEAP of posts about the amazing Dubbo Zoo and what we did there.

On the way back from Melbourne, we (Mum, Dad and I), stayed at a friends house on Sunday and Monday night, and on Monday morning I decided to go for a stroll around our friend, Carina's, garden, and I was amazed by the overwhelming number of roses, so of course I took some photos to share.  Enjoy :)

Now I must say, since we visited our friend's house, Mum and I have gone a bit rose crazy.... since Monday we visited Carina we have bought: 2 Rosa "Peirre da Ronsard", 2 carpet roses, 2 bush roses, a standard rose, and a couple of other little miniatures.... I think I may have to create a garden exclusively for the roses.... I can think of worse things to have to do :)

Happy Gardening,
and it's nice to be back blogging again.


p.s. sadly I don't have the foggiest of ideas what the names are for the roses above, and there are a couple of non-roses in their too...


  1. Im likin your lichen....and what roses

  2. You show us a lot of beautiful roses, I am a real rose freak. Pierre de Ronsard which you bought is one of my favourites. The other plants are also very interesting, especially the clematis like flower on picture nr.16, I have never seen before.

  3. Great job buddy, can't wait to hear the rest of the story! What camera are you using to take these fantastic shots? If i could, i would press 'like' on all of them! :D


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