Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hey Everyone,

Well, this milestone came about quickly, or at least I feel like it did, and it just so happened to coincide with the 1500 pageviews milestone too.  I know some of you may find this boring, but I thought it would be interesting to have a look-see at some of the statistics of page views, traffic sources and of course where in the world all my lovely readers are :)

As you can see, this is the Page views by country, and i swear to you, none of the 209 in Australia is me, i keep checking and apparently there are a lot of people in Oz looking at my posts... plus i checked that little ticky thing that means that my page views don't count :)

isn't it exciting to see all those different places?

this of course is showing the top operating systems being used
What odd keyword searches, i don't think I've spoken about homelopetalum pumilio, philodendrons, dendrobium hamana lake, or cinnamon.... oh well :)
Good ol' blotanical, when all this school work dies down a bit i'm definitely going to be on there more, for those of you that don't know it, it's a brilliant website filled with wonderful gardening blogs
these are my top posts by number of views, no surprise that GBBD, Foliage Follow Up, and a Wordless Wednesday are the top ones... they are the ones that I link up to the more popular blogs :) hehehe
Pretty self explanatory, though al you'll see, I took the screenshots at several different times so the numbers are slightly different but, oh well :)
Once again pretty self explanatory, but I'm pretty excited by the number of followers... THANKS GUYS!... exciting thing is, i only know one of them in person :)

Sadly I don't think I'll be able to go on my blog very much over the next 3 weeks or so because I'm going into my final exams for Year 11 and I really need to hunker down and work on them, so I promise I'll post and reply to comments when I can, but I can't promise anything :)

HAPPY 50TH BLOG POST and of course,

Happy Gardening


P.S. I couldn't possibly post on Halloween without doing something related to it.  We don't celebrate Halloween that much here in Oz, but I wish we did, it seems like good fun

And of course I had to share a photo of one of my best friends, Jack, and I dressed up for the Halloween Street Party that was on the weekend.  I went as an Aussie Stockmen, and Jack went as some Mexican Spirit of Death or something..... I wonder if Jack reads my blog... I guess i'll find out by seeing wether or not he comments about the photo :)... I'm the one on the right


  1. All the best with your exams Michael. The jacaranda blooming always remind me of exams. Is that sad or what?

    1. Oh don't I know it, the minute our jacaranda starts blooming is the minute my stress levels about school go through the roof because of the upcoming exams

  2. Woooo #4!!! Glad I could redirect some traffic from my site your way. It's hard to compete with Google searches, Facebook, and Blotanical, so I'll take #4, LOL! But all kidding aside, congrats on the success so far and good luck on your exams.

    1. HEHEHEHE I was wondering when you'd see that :) hehehe, I'm not sure wether they are other people or just you coming to the site hehehehe LOL

      I do greatly appreciate you putting me on your side bar :) (hugs)

      And thanks Melody, this morning I'm at home from school because I'm sick, but I've emails in my Biology Draft, Study of Religion research notes, Geography draft and now to just keep working on chemistry....


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Happy Gardening :)