Monday, October 8, 2012

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (Part 4)

Hey Everyone,
We had to go to the airport today to pick up some stuff so while we were waiting I figured I’d write my blog post for the day J.

Dad and I are sitting in a little spot out of the way where not many people go, every so often a plane will take off and they are always SOOO close, it’s reallt cool.  Plus there is a nice view of a jacaranda that is about to explode into bloom,  it looks like it will put on quite a display.  There is a really nice big one in incredible bloom at school at the moment so I’ll try and sneakily get a photo of it tomorrow on my phone… if I get it confiscated I’m blaming all of you hehehe J.

Now, part 4 of the Toowoomba Carnival of Flower, now be aware, so far all of the photos I have shown have all been of Queens Park, there are still several more parks and a private garden or two still to come.  I hadn’t realized just how many photos I’d taken J I get really trigger-happy sometime.

The photos this time are of some of the plants in the garden beds that were located on the main lawn of the park, I was a week or two early for the major blooming, but they were still beautiful and with a bit of imagination you can see how amazing they would look around about now… sigh, if only we lived closer.

As always, I love to know the names of any plants so if you happen to know the name, wether it be scientific or just it’s common name I would LOVE it if you would be able to let me know in the comments, I’ll label as many photos as I can with their names, but those I don’t know I’ll just leave blank.


Orange, White and Purple/Black Petunias

Photo of some of the beds

White Dianthus

White, Red and Purple Dianthus

Unknown Plant in the centre with Yellow Violas around the border

Yellow Viola

Unknown Plant

Unknown Plant

Unknown Plant

Unknown Plant

Unknown Plant

Another photo of some of the beds

Orange Petunias

Purple Petunias

White Petunias

Purple, White and Orange Petunias

Garden Bed of Orange, Purple and White Petunias

Snapdragons about to explode into bloom, millions of buds

a couple of pink snapdragons ahead of the rest

Pink snapdragon

Yellow and Maroon/Pink Violas

Yellow Viola

Yellow Viola

Maroon/Pink Violas

Another shot of the bed of violas

Bed of mixed ranunculus and blue petunias

Blue petunias

Yellow ranunculus 

Red ranunculus

white ranunculus

Well thats it for now, best get to bed

Speak to you all tomorrow :)

Happy Gardening

hehehehe, found this funny quote

My neighbour asked if he could use my lawnmower and I told him of course he could, so long as he didn't take it out of my garden.
Eric Morecambe 


  1. Now those are heaven beds !!!!

  2. I love snapdragons, one of my favorites up there with foxglove. It's hard to tell without close-ups of the flowers, but your unknown plants look almost like Angelonia? If not, maybe something related to it?

    1. I ADORE snap dragons and foxgloves, i am just addicted

      hmmmm... close, but not quite, thanks for the tip though, i'll keep looking :)


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