Thursday, October 18, 2012

T.T.T. (Too Tired Thursday)

Welcome to the first edition of Too Tired Thursday (TTT) it is kinda like wordless wednesday but in TTT it is simply because i got busy and i left my post for the day until really late and i'm just TT to post and its a thursday :)

I figured i'd show you all some photos of my dearest Grandma, this is my mum's mum, she is the one that lives in Toowoomba and is sadly the only Grandparent i have left.  she isn't the one to blame for my orchid obsession but she has forever instilled in my a love and adoration for animals, wildlife and nature in general... as well as blessing me with the gift to talk... and talk... and talk... and talk.... you get where i'm going ;)

well, here are the photos

Well, I'd best get to bed, i have a Geography excursion tomorrow... good night everyone

Happy Gardening



  1. tea looks great!....too hot for hot tea here!

    1. it was the perfect timing for tea, a cool breeze had just started in the park as we sat down for our tea, it was surprisingly good, plus the scones were HUGE! grandma and i cut them into 3rds so we could eat them :)


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