Sunday, October 7, 2012

Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (Part 3)

Hey Everyone,

So, did you miss me? funnily enough i missed you all.  i have now thoroughly become addicted to my blog, i love it for some weird reason, plus it'll help me keep a track of what's been happening in the garden :).

i must say though, i have had an absolutely WONDERFUL past couple of days with all my friends, swimming both in pools and in the surf, been eating lots of lollies, bbq's, chocolates, spent 3 hours in a mini-bus with friends going down to a friends beach house for her birthday party, gosh, just having a great time.  and i've got to say, my friends and i are the weirdest bunch, when i say party i don't mean loud music, drinking and skimpy outfits, i mean watching Disney Movies, eating lollies, watching funny movies, shooting each other with nerf guns or silly string or just being plane old stupid... kids now a-days are growing up too fast, as my great grandmother used to say, "why drink when you are young? then you don't have something new to look forward to when you're an adult.".  well enough of my iddle prattle and on with the photos.  it's a conglomeration of just some odds and end of the photos i took, from the amazing formal neatly trimmed garden, to the water feature, to the wide variety of plants in between.  i gotta get to bed, school tomorrow :(, but, enjoy the photos :)

i hope you liked the photos.  i'll do another post tomorrow, no more socialising for me for a while so you'll soon be wanting to get rid of me :)

night night everyone,

Happy Gardening

Michael :)


  1. looks like a bride and greoom should be there... love that cool cube

    1. funny you should say that, further down the path their was a massive wedding party taking their photos in the gardens, and they were having an absolute HOOT, the laughter was almost deafening and very very infectious

  2. Great photos Michael, glad you had a good time.


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