Friday, October 12, 2012

This and That

Hippeastrum unknown, what a beauty
Hey Everyone,

i was thinking of doing a post tonight of some of the photos from the EDOS Show but if i'm going to do that then i want to do all the correct labeling and it being a Friday night sadly to be honest i just can't be bothered hehehehe :) i would have done it earlier but i've been busy dancing with the dogs to music, singing along to music with the dogs, and of course finding random videos on youtube :) hehehehe.  oh and of course reading about and listening to intervies with my absolute hero, Sir David Attenborough on the BBC Wildlife Magazine website on him.

but anyways, best get onto the plants.

i figured it was about time i tried taking some black and white photos, what do you think? any tips?
it's of one of the trees that i gave a hardcore prune to.... ive been doing that a lot lately :)

a big Platycerium that i was just casually given by a friend, one this size would cost a bazillion dollars to buy

 these two are the same flower but the one on the lest was taken during the day when it was unfolding and the one on the right was at night when it was almost done :)
the buds on the rose are starting to open
My Paph. hirsutissimum, i took the photo with the morning sun coming through the window

well, i'd best get off to bed now, gotta help a friend move house tomorrow

Happy Gardening



  1. The last picture with the morning rays captured is just wonderful! It looks like the rays area heading straight for the bloom!

    1. that was the first thing when i saw when i woke up... what a wonderful world don't you think?

  2. Love the last photo, the colours on that flower are magnificent.

    1. they are, it was my first ever slipper orchid and i just adore it, mum keeps telling me that i'm hogging it by having it in my bedroom..... she's right :)

  3. I have gone over a number of your postings and I like your photos. Very nice. I alway enjoy finding new Blogs like yours. Always something to learn. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan in USA the lake makes a great backdrop to the gardens even as Winter approaches. But I do prefer the Spring Summer and Fall! Jack

    1. NAWWW shucks, thanks so much for the kind words Jack :)

      and wow, Lake Michigan would make an AMAZING backdrop, i am definitely coming to your patch of internet space :)


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