Monday, October 1, 2012

The Baron's Beauties

Hey Everyone,
At the Eastern Districts Orchid Society we were once again graced with the presence of our friends at the African Violet Society of Queensland.  Twice a year they come to our shows and they put on a marvellous display with incredible plants and flowers and i am trying SOOO hard to resist buying one because once i do i know i'll get hooked.  I was given a Gloxinia recently from a friend so this could be trouble, hehehe.

at the show i decided to take some photos of our lovely friends and some of their plants.  also, i must explain, the lady on the end didn't know i was taking a photo and i happened to take it just as she sneezed, oops, sorry.

looking at these photos while i'm uploading them, i'm really starting to rethink this whole 'no african violets' thing, i now REALLY WANT SOME!  i'm now really dissapointed that i didn't take more photos of them, my favourites are the white and blue-purple one, and the blue-purple one.  i'll definitely have to see them at our autumn show next year.... if i can wait that long...  oh, and some of you may be curious about the title, i've decided i might try and come up with interesting titles just to keep myself ocupied plus by doing a bit of research i can then find out some cool and interesting stuff.

the reason why i titled it "The Baron's Beauties" is because the plants were discovered by Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire in 1892, and to honour the man who discovered them the genus was named Saintpaulia.

well, i'd best start organising the photos to make another post because i still have photos from the carnival of flowers, the orchid show, and of course the mischief that Nalle has been getting up to.

well, until my next post,

Happy Gardening



  1. Love the look on the womans face as she was just about to sneeze, nice african violets too.


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