Saturday, October 13, 2012

What A Wonderful World

Hey Everyone,

this video sums up my opinions about today.  Today has been one of the brilliant days where i've been seeing all the beautiful things in the world.  i woke up this morning to a wonderfully crisp yet comfortable morning with a little bit of dew that made the yard look like it had been sprinkled with a thousand diamonds.  the light was streaming into my bedroom through the open window being accompanied by my favourite bird the Channel-Billed Cuckoo.  i then woke up and went down to the shade house with mug of hot chocolate in hand, hoody on and my two best friends in tow (Teddy and Nalle).  the shade house had plenty to do in it, there were plants with spikes that needed to be positioned so that their spikes grew in the most favourable direction, there was cleaning, weeding and repotting to be done and of course not to forget the fertilizing.  all was done while the dogs just lay down and watched whilst playing with the seed head on the end of a glistening strand of grass.  the orchids certainly seemed to appreciate the feed and of course the place is starting to look a lot better... it got a bit trashed this week when some of my plants decided that with the aid of the windy weather they would attempt to fly... they failed.... miserably... i was just about to start doing some repotting when a family friend arived with my god daughter in tow because i was helping him get the garden ready because he has just bought a new house and the gardens must pass the standard of mrs lady that they were renting from.  well i then got the pleasure of helping Alice in one of her swimming lessons and then we went on with the garden.  i also saw my first  Rainbow Bee-eater i was so thrilled.  now i am pleasantly tired and i'm going off to bed so that i can wake up nice and early to keep cleaning the shade house before another day of gardening.

here is the soundtrack to my day.

wonderful song and of course not to mention the wonderful man saying the lyrics... I highly suggest putting it on HD and fullscreening it....

What a Wonderful World



  1. I think gardeners truly do see the most amazing things, because we look so closely. This world really is a wonderful place.

    1. yes, i truly agree with you on that one. when i compare what i see and feel and know now compared to before i got into gardening, the world was so much less interesting back then. i can walk through a park with not a single other person around but i never feel along because i know most of the plants and i know about them, where they grow, how they grow, etc.


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